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Vegans live a vegan lifestyle that avoids consuming animal foods. These animal products include fish, meat, eggs and dairy products. This can have adverse effects on vegans due to the fact that it can make them deficient in certain nutrients.

Many people who become vegan feel better than before. This is because vegans predominantly eat more vegetables and thus eat healthier than before. Deficiencies in certain nutrients only come to light on average 2 years later through complaints, ailments, fatigue, etc.

A vegan diet also avoids supplements that contain traces or elements of animal products. For this reason, we have developed supplements that can be used by Vegans following a vegan lifestyle! These vegan dietary supplements are made from plant sources, with no additives or traces of animal products.

Vegan nutritional supplements, do you need them?
Chances are, as a vegan, you can become deficient in certain nutrients. If you are vegan and also exercise, there is an even greater chance that you can become deficient in a particular nutrient. This is because your body consumes nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids during exercise. This is exactly why vegans use vegan dietary supplements.

Animal foods often contain better bioavailability and absorption when it comes to certain macro and micro minerals. Thus, vegan supplements have been created to supplement and prevent deficiencies. These are both vegan dietary supplements and vegan sports supplements that are suitable for a vegan lifestyle. The most common deficiencies for vegans are:

B vitamins, especially B2 & B12
Proteins & specific amino acids
Omega 3 fatty acids

So you will have to ask yourself if you are getting enough nutrients from your current diet. If not? If so, it may be advisable to look into supplementing with a vegan dietary supplement.

Why are vegan supplements popular?
Among vegan athletes, there is a lot of appetite for vegan sports nutrition and sports supplements. The main reason for this is because with a vegan lifestyle, it is extremely difficult to get all your nutrients thinking of certain vitamins, amino acids and minerals. It’s not completely impossible but you have to have practically studied to form the right balances in your body through a vegan diet. If you are a vegan and do not take supplements, there is a very good chance that you are deficient in certain nutrients. If you are also an athlete you should think about certain supplements to supplement your daily diet anyway.

Examples of nutrients that vegans are often deficient in are:

Vitamin B12
Carnitine Amino Acid
Amino acid Tyrosine
Amino acid Arginine
Higher intake of protein is very difficult (for example, for elite athletes)
Omega 3 fatty acids
Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3)
Heem iron
Choline (also called vitamin B4)

This stems from the fact that this group often wants to enjoy the benefits that these supplements can give.

Why vegan supplements from Muscle Concepts?
The vegan supplements we have manufactured are scientifically, biochemically and orthomolecularly engineered, so the supplements contain a perfect combination of substances, compounds and the synergy between them. By the way, our supplements are manufactured from the cleanest sources possible with an emphasis on leaving out unhealthy, unnatural and unnecessary flavors and sweeteners.


Important and “funny” usually misinterpreted fact:
You probably hear someone say “I went vegan and I feel much better now”! Yes that can definitely be true! Many people who suddenly start eating vegan feel much better. The reason for this is that with a Vegan lifestyle you will be eating a lot more vegetables. Because of all the good minerals that one then suddenly does get, many people start to feel better and healthier. However, deficiencies of the vitamins or minerals discussed above are not noticed until after 2 years. For example, our bodies store vitamin B12 and therefore you won’t notice a B12 deficiency until about 1.5 to 2.5 years. Well, if you get complaints then you are just a bit too late. Why we share this: be aware of what you are doing! Being vegan is fine, just supplement where necessary! Take care of yourself and only do something when you are really 100% sure of what you are doing! If you need advice, we are ready to answer all your questions!