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What can Team Muscle Concepts do for your Nutrition and Health?

Comprehensive professional personal advice through: consultancy, nutritional advice, nutritional schedules etc.
Personalized counseling in lifestyle, nutrition & training
The purest supplements to achieve your goals in a healthy and efficient way!

In short, we offer a “Total Concepts” package. Interested? Would you like a little help in the battle towards your goal? Contact us personally. This is because we treat every customer/client in a personal manner. After all, no one & no situation is the same!

Now first some important information about nutrition and health!

To talk directly about the relationship of nutrition to health, we must first know: what exactly is it a “good health”? Is this a little different for everyone?

HEALTH: What is health? What is the definition of health?
The word health can be interpreted in several ways. In the vernacular, it refers to a state in which of complete physical and mental health and not just the absence of disease and disability. In addition, health is also about the ability to recover when illness and disability do occur.

A person who is healthy both physically and mentally can restore themselves and bring them to a state where more is possible than just being healthy. Health is a means of supporting a person to live a full life. We are talking about creating a life where there is a choice to develop socially and personally, as well as our physical abilities.

Physical Health
A person who is physically healthy has a body in which the body functions at ánd top. This is not only due to the fact that there is an absence of disease, but mainly due to physical activity (sport), a healthy diet, sufficient (night) rest and a coping mechanism for stress.

Physical health can only be achieved when a person has a healthy lifestyle. This prevents diseases and even disabilities. For example, think about exercising to keep your lungs and heart healthy, or having a healthy diet with the right foods and supplements that will help you avoid all kinds of (chronic) diseases.

Mental Health
Mental health refers to next to our emotional health, mental health and social well-being. Mental health is just as important as physical health to lead a full and active lifestyle. However, it is difficult to explain what mental health is because it is experienced differently by each person through our own personal experiences. Mental health is not just about the absence of mental illness, but the ability to:

To enjoy life
Feeling safe
Getting (back) balance in life
Rebounding after a bad/difficult/stressful experience

Physical and mental health are undoubtedly linked. When a person has an illness or disability, one consequence may be an inability to perform daily tasks. This can lead to mental illnesses such as depression, anorexia or anxiety. Body weight and various bodily functions can be negatively affected as a result. So it is important to see health as a whole rather than separate elements.

Sport and Health
There are several factors that can improve our health. Sports is one of them, because it can improve our health on several levels. When we look at physical health, regular exercise will give you more energy, strengthen your immune system as well as prevent various types of ailments and (chronic) diseases in the long run.

Your mental health will also improve through exercise. Regular exercise can improve your self-confidence because your body (if you are consistent) will look better. In addition, exercise has a positive impact on your brain and brain function. Individuals who exercise together or exercise in groups also have the social interaction and team building component which is very important for your emotional and social well-being.

FOOD: What role does nutrition play in “good health”?
Nutrition plays a very important role in good health. Without proper nutrition, both our physical and mental health will weaken. We need the right nutrients, in the right proportions, from the right foods. Why? Because our bodies respond to the nutrition we take in. Too much or too little food can cause obesity or malnutrition, which in turn can lead to various mental illnesses. The body takes enzymes from food to digest various sugars, proteins and fats. Thus, there are numerous examples of why nutrition plays an important role in good health.

FOOD: What role do dietary supplements play in “good health”?
We firmly believe that supplements can certainly contribute to good health. However, it all starts with the basics: a healthy and nutritious diet, enough (night) rest, hydration and sufficient exercise. If you already have these points in place, it’s definitely worth delving into some nutritional supplements, sports supplements and sports nutrition to take your health, athletic performance and well-being to ”THE NEXT LEVEL”. In addition, supplements can
Remedy or alleviate specific complaints. Here are some examples:

Example A:
When we are left with gastrointestinal problems due to poor diet, it can lead to deteriorated nutrient absorption, causing neurotransmitters and hormones to not function properly. This in turn has the effect of allowing you to experience both mental and physical problems. The recommended combination of supplements for gastrointestinal problems include:


Example B:
A common complaint we hear is that people are dealing with a high body fat percentage or being overweight. This can cause problems. These include physical complaints ranging from those within the body and those that prevent a person’s mobility. For many, it can also affect their mental health. The first steps we then take is to create a nutrition plan and training schedule for these individuals. This also includes some lifestyle coaching to improve all the other factors involved. Only after this are supplements recommended. We can expand this if desired and if necessary with personal coaching in the sense of personal training, personal coaching, mental coaching, online coaching, nutritional schedules, supplement advice etc. Please contact us should you have specific needs or goals that you would like support with.

Questions about health?
Do you still have questions about health? Want information on products that can help you with your health? If so, please let us know especially! Our orthomolecular specialists, nutrition experts and dietitians are ready to help you regain the right balance in your health.