Affiliate Marketing Program – Muscle Concepts

Do you manage an online platform related to sports, nutrition, health and/or supplements, such as a website, social media account, or other platform? Become an affiliate partner of Muscle Concepts, promote us on your channel(s) and enjoy the benefits, such as high commission (well above market standards with up to 20% affiliate commission) and an easy environment!

Muscle Concepts affiliate partners are seen as family! That’s why we offer unique, incomparable advantages in the Dutch affiliate world! Enjoy these unique benefits as a Muscle Concepts affiliate:

  • Commission as high as 20% (for both new and existing customers).
  • Our average affiliate conversion rate is 7% to 10%. In doing so, we rely on our high-quality partners who actively promote Muscle Concepts.
  • Quick inspections and a long cookie period of 100 days.
  • An above average order value, partly due to the quality of our products combined with the satisfaction of our customers.
  • A clear & simple Affiliate System, which can be logged in to monitor performance & earnings and view and change settings.
  • And, also very important: You promote high quality sport and nutrition supplements, which are all developed based on scientific research.

Commissions can be earned on all of our products, with the exception of workout plans, nutrition plans, and water filters.

Below you can read more about affiliate marketing and our own affiliate system!


Want to sign up as an affiliate partner? Make an application right now:

1. How does Affiliate Marketing work?

Affiliate marketing has a simple and clear process. You use your online channel (such as your website/blog) to promote one or more product(s). Hereby link to our webshop. You then earn a commission fee per purchase through your website/link(s).

The nice thing about our system is that you can post as many links as you want. In fact, as soon as you register with us, we add your website to our system. Any purchase that subsequently results from a click from your website is automatically assigned to your partner account. So it is not necessary to use a special “tracking link” or “affiliate link”. Because of the way our system is built, every click from your website is measured! So super ideal!

Of course, it is also possible to create a special Referral URL in your affiliate account. You can use these anywhere, such as in Word documents, food schedules that are in PDF, E-books, and any other digital documents where you can click on a hyperlink! Some tips / possibilities for where you can incorporate links:

  • PDF documents of nutritional schemes
  • Blog articles
  • Social media biography
  • E-books
  • Digital handouts
  • Closed Whatsapp groups or other Chat groups

2. Join our Affiliate Program

Are you convinced and would like to promote our high quality sports and nutrition supplements? Top! Signing up is easy and works as follows:

  1. Please contact us to let us know you are interested in becoming an affiliate partner of Muscle Concepts. This can be done via one of the sign-up buttons on this page, as well as via email or phone.
  2. We first check your website, social media channel or other platform. This is of great importance, as quality is of paramount importance to us. Relevance (to sport, nutrition, health and/or supplements) is of course also important here.
  3. Are you a good match? Then we will immediately create a partner account for you. You will receive on your email address the URL to log into our system, and a link to create a password.
  4. You can log in now and start promoting and earning right away!

Once you are signed up with us, you can use our ‘Referral URL generator’ to generate a unique referral link. Do you have a website (or other platform) and have it registered within our system? Then you can decide how to link to us (you don’t need a unique referral / affiliate link).

3. Advertising Materials & Links.

Linking to Muscle Concepts can be done textually (via a text link), but also via images. In doing so, you have the following options:

  • Take advantage of our advertising materials within your partner account. To do so, click on ‘Advertisements’ and immediately get to see our available advertising materials.
  • Make use of our product images.
  • Make use of your own created banner(s).

We provide various ready-made advertising materials. In your account you can download over 100 banners for use in addition to text links / referral links.

We have all our advertising material tuned by category, by sport and even by product.

If you need advertising material that you can’t find, you can make a special request. We will then contact you and deliver a personalized banner as soon as possible.


4. Compensation Committee

We always prefer strong long-term collaborations, where our publishers & partners are satisfied with the compensation they receive per purchase. That’s why we work with higher commission fees than other sports and nutrition platforms.

We work on a tiered basis, which means that you will receive a higher percentage of commission when you perform well. The graduated rates are as follows:

Tier 1: 1-10 sales per month: 10%.
Tier 2: 11-25 sales per month: 15%.
Tier 3: 25+ sales per month: 20%.

5. How can you see your statistics?

Logically, you want to be able to view certain statistics at any time. This is just possible within your Muscle Concepts partner account! Once you are logged in, you will be presented with a menu of different options. Here you can see the following statistics, among others:

  • Sales
  • Merits
  • Payouts
  • Number of Visits
  • Graphs based on referral statistics

Therefore, you do not need to use a third party to view your statistics as a Muscle Concepts partner. Simply log in and view them immediately!


6. How does our Sales Tracking work?

As soon as a purchase is made through your online platform, it is assigned to your partner account. This is completely automatic, using a ‘cookie’.

Here, our cookie time is 30 days by default, unless otherwise agreed. That means you earn commission when someone places an order with Muscle Concepts within 30 days of clicking a link or image on your platform.

7. Disbursement

As soon as an order is placed with Muscle Concepts through your website or other channel, you have earned commission and are therefore paid. We pay out our affiliates once a month. Our minimum payout limit is €50. Within 7 business days of each new month, the previous month’s payment will be paid. The payment method will be discussed and determined in advance.

Within our affiliate system you can view your payouts. Here you will see the date of the payout, the amount, the payout method, and the status of the payout.


8. Where can I promote Muscle Concepts?

Sports, nutrition and health is everywhere. Whatever online platform you are active on, it is always possible to promote Muscle Concepts. Some popular and widely used channels, are:

  • Website: Many run a website (such as a blog). On it, you can promote Muscle Concepts through reviews of products, mentions of our products, and banners, among other things. Is your website registered within our system? Then you don’t need a specific affiliate link and you can decide how to link to us.
  • Social Media: Are you an influencer, or do you have a social media account related to sports, health, nutrition, and/or supplements? Then too, promoting Muscle Concepts and earning affiliate fees is appropriate. Popular social platforms are Instagram and Facebook, but any platform is obviously suitable.
  • Email: Have you built an email list and has a following developed from it? Affiliate email marketing is then a good way to promote us and earn commission. This can be done, for example, through a newsletter.

9. Discount codes

Want to work with unique Discount Codes for just your visitors? In this, too, we are very flexible. Provided the reach of your platform is large enough, we can create a unique discount code for your visitors / clients / customers / community / followers. You can contact us via our contact form.