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WAAROM? Wat, Wie & Waar komt onze passie vandaan?

We believe that…

healthy diet and in specific situations additional supplements, combined with personal exercise equals HEALTHY and OPTIMAL PERSONAL PERFORMANCE.


  • Physical Performance
  • Physical Health
  • Mental Performance
  • Mental Health
  • An optimally functioning body
  • and an immune system that stands its ground in many different circumstances

A well-functioning body will stand strong in numerous situations. For it is not “the survival of the fittest” but it is “the survival of the most adaptable”.

We believe that …


Indeed, this “math” goes even deeper:
Even mental and spiritual health is a result of a healthy lifestyle, healthy diet, a healthy microbiome and specific personal exercises (from yoga, meditation to strength training) so,

Take care of yourself and “YOURSELF” will take care of you!


Our vision in “short”…okay a little longer than “short”….
Muscle Concepts is much more than just a sales platform for nutritional supplements.
Muscle Concepts represents a lifestyle
. “The Concept of health, fitness and strong “muscles”, is your lifestyle”. Besides the well-known abdominal muscles, leg muscles, chest muscles, back muscles or arm muscles, our heart and brain, for example, are also made up of parts of muscle tissue! So take care of your muscles with passion and priority, take care of yourself and make yourself a better functioning and/or happier person!

We want to make the whole world healthier by making people aware about the way they live, exercise and eat. Do you feel healthy and top-notch? Then you are more positive and therefore happier in life. What is your “Muscle Concepts” to happiness?

Background & Establishment
Muscle Concepts was founded by two, sports enthusiasts. “We think from the athlete’s perspective and want to make the course of and recovery from training as easy and efficient as possible for all athletes.” In addition, we want to better inform everyone about the good and harmful substances for the body. In fact, many supplements contain chemicals (e.g., sweeteners) that can be harmful to the body and/or body processes. We choose to produce all our products as clean, pure and healthy as possible!”

Muscle Concepts – Nutrition, Supplements & Guidance

We have 4 pillars that are central to our operations:

  1. Nutrition & personal supplements
  2. Physical exertion: sports & exercise
  3. Guidance / Coaching
  4. Balance between all 3 elements!

We believe in the fact that with the right combination between a proper diet, healthy eating, an optimized lifestyle, the right supplements & training, athletes can achieve goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. We have a holistic view so naturally include daily functioning in our advice. Think about sleep, stress, (medical) limitations or problems, etc.

The art of achieving goals is creating synergy between all of the above elements and finding the right balance between training and nutrition. We want to support people in finding his or her Ying & Yang!

We want to make people healthier, we want to optimize sporting Netherlands, we want to make sporting Netherlands aware of the way of living, moving and eating, we want to make people happier, in short we want to make people happier!

Yes we know, it sounds very encompassing, more like a “noble aspiration” which is “too big” to achieve, but we will take the first right steps in the right direction with our vision forward!

From sports centers where children are active (e.g., soccer clubs and tennis clubs) to training and supporting experts such as personal trainers and physical therapists. Muscle Concepts will let its fresh healthy breeze “storm” through all the sporting aisles to efficiently support “people with a goal” & athletes in both nutrition and exercise!

To achieve goals you don’t have to diet, you don’t have to schedule “mandatory” workouts for x number of weeks, you simply have to change your lifestyle.

“Change your lifestyle, that’s where the magic happens!” – Wesley Kelder (CEO & Founder of Muscle Concepts)

Therefore, the simplicity of our company slogan simply says it all! No hard stuff, no marketing or sales thoughtful writing to drive sales, no! It’s very simple. Everything is about your lifestyle! Should you want to gain muscle mass, should you want to lose weight, should you want to perform better at work or even in the bedroom… everything, but EVERYTHING, is connected to your lifestyle. Therefore, our short but powerful company slogan:

“It’s a Lifestyle”

Onze Familie

Personal Trainer (Ex NL kampioen (jeugd) 60/100m sprint, loop technieken, fitness begeleiding, functional training)
De man achter de schermen. Marvin "traint" onze webserver, website en product graphics.
Deborah Leysner Fysiotherapeut
Orthopedische revalidatie met een breed scala aan verschillende verdiepingen.
Onze vliegende keep Donat is overal! Hij voorkomt doelpunten maar kan ze ook scoren!
Kickboxen van alle niveaus, Brazilian jiu jitsu voor beginners
Joost Paarlberg
Joost spant zijn Muscles voor onze Graphics, Multimedia & Social Media.
Via Eat & get Fit wil ik jou coachen naar de beste versie die jij van jezelf wilt worden!
Michelle knoopt alle eindjes aan elkaar en is een van de energiebronnen binnen Muscle Concepts!

Opgericht door sporters

Founded by athletes! We think along to make training, eating and the use of (sports) supplements as effective as possible!

Clean en gezond

The products are as Clean and Healthy as possible. Without Aspartame, Sucralose and Acesulfame-K.

Combinatie producten

We develop supplements that include several separate supplements in one.


We are also here for Personal advice and guidance.

Waarom Muscle Concepts?

Waarom is Muscle Concepts anders dan andere voedingssupplementen?


Created by athletes, for athletes

Clean en gezond

No unnecessary additives


Personal advice and guidance

Combinatie producten

Combination / all in one products


Years of experience


Satisfied customers




Own supplements